Saturday, 25 July 2009

Gay Prsion Pen Pals

To find mate gay inmates like Stanley Jalowiec in US prisons looking for pen pals you can try clicking the following links.

Write A Prisoner (this site allows you to search by sexual orientation)

Gay Prsion Pen Pals

OK, I decided recently to look for a pen pal and as a gay man I decided I would be more comfortable writing to a gay pen pal.

I my search i cam across one guy wrongfully imprisoned on death row in Ohio. His name is Stanley Jalowiec and he has been incarcerated since February 2nd 1995 and is currently preparing
For his trial and hoping to be released by 2011.

Death row can be a very lonely place, if you would like to write to Stanley you can at

Stanley Jalowiec #321712
OSP Death Row
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road
Youngstown, OH 44505

Here are the details taken from his profile;

CRIMES: Aggravated Murder
DOB: 8-17-70
HEIGHT: 5-foot-10 WEIGHT: 190 EYES: Blue HAIR: Brown
RACE: White
HOMETOWN: Lorain County, OH
SEEKING: Gay male lover, gay male friendship, open to all
HIV negative
MUSIC INTEREST: Dance, hip hop, country, jazz, classical. You name it
and I'll listen to it as long as it is something soothing for the moment
OTHER INTEREST: Script writing, novel writing, poetry, painting, drawing,
reading, camping, nature walks, open discussions, movies, swimming,
adventure, I love to have fun

COMMENTARY: Are you looking for someone with flair? Well, I am a typical Leo who is generous, outgoing, loyal
and likeable [most of the time]. I love to write and am very passionate in all that I do. I'm very energetic and
proud. I love and enjoy life. I was an exotic dancer for six years prior to my wrongful imprisonment and loved to
entertain. I'm uninhibitedly sexual and I am a romantic at heart. I'm open, honest and willing to share and discuss
any subject or topic you with to talk about. I love movies, camping, adventure and art. I love to learn new things
and seek to enjoy the pleasures of life. I don't discriminate, judge or look down on anyone. I'll write anyone and
everyone who wishes to write regardless of their age, color, likes or dislikes. I write screenplays, poetry and short
erotic stories. I'm seeking to relocate when I prove my innocence. I expect to obtain a new trial and my freedom
by the middle of 2011. If you are looking for true companionship; look for further, drop me a line and lets share
some pleasurable adventures together in our new found friendship and see where life takes us. Thanks and I
hope to hear from you soon.

Please pass details of this inmate to anyone you know who would be interested in writing to him.